The rental conditions listed below form an integral part of the rental agreement, stipulated with the lessor, together with the following documents:

By purchasing on the website or by making a rental on site, the customer (lessee) confirms that he has read and accepted all the aforementioned documents and the conditions listed below. We ask the customer to treat the material appropriately. Thanking you for your trust, we wish you a lot of fun.

1. Responsibility: The lessee assumes full responsibility for the rented equipment.

2. Insurance: the rented equipment is not insured. By means of a regulatory agreement, adding 10% of the rental amount (list price), the risk of theft and breakage of the material is 75% borne by the landlord. The service can be purchased online, in the cart, or directly at the rental.
NOTE: This service is only available in some shops. For online reservations, if this option does not appear in the cart, it means that the shop does not offer this service. For rentals made on site, it is responsibility of the lessee to ask the rental manager about this possibility.

3. Theft/Loss/Breakage: Without having stipulated the regulatory agreement (art. 2), in the event of total breakage or theft/loss of the equipment, the rental material will be charged to the lessee for 100% of the market value . With the regulatory agreement, in the event of total breakage or theft/loss of the equipment, the lessee will have to pay the charterer an excess equal to 25% of the market value of the lost object; the lessee is also obliged to submit a regular complaint to the competent police forces.

4. Damages: In the event of damage with partial breakage of the equipment, due to inadequate treatment and/or vandalism of the rented products, despite the regulatory agreement, the restoration of the damage will be charged to the lessee according to the repair price list in force.

5. Change: For contracts lasting more than 1 day, in the event of technical problems, very uncomfortable size or similar issues, it is possible to change the rented product up to 1 time per rental period; in case of exchange with a model of the same category there is no cost to bear. In case of upgrade to a higher category, the price difference will be charged; in the event of a downgrade to a lower category, there is no refund of the difference, unless the booking was made online by also purchasing the Rent and Go Easy Booking service. The possibility to change also depends on the availability of the warehouse at the moment. In some periods and in some shops, it may not be possible to make a change, or there may be a cost for this.

6. Binding adjustment: For the assembly, repair and adjustment of safety bindings, as well as for the rental of alpine skis, the lessor may request the signature of the lessee for acceptance of these regulations and of the document which explicitly determines the adjustment of the bindings, in accordance with data provided by the lessee and in accordance with the standards issued by the manufacturer of the binding itself.

7. Pick up and return: The rented equipment can be picked up in the morning, after opening hours. Or the previous afternoon, upon request. From the moment the material is collected, the 1st day of rental is counted (for collections in the afternoon after 3.00-4.00 PM - depends on the shop - the count starts from the following morning). The equipment must be returned in the afternoon of the last rental day, arriving at the latest within 15 minutes of the shop closing time. Some shops also accept returns in the morning, usually by 9 AM. This time may vary depending on the store and it is the lessee's responsibility to inquire about the maximum return time. Late returns require the payment of 1 additional rental day (or more days) at the list price. E-bikes must always be returned in the afternoon (since they have to be recharged), they cannot be returned the next morning, or there 1 additional day (or more days) of rental will be charged at the list price. 

8. Failure to return: In the event that the rented material does not return by the expiry of the rental period, for any reason, after seven days from the date established for the return, or even before, a report for theft will automatically be filed against the lessee.

9. Validity: This rental agreement is valid only after payment by credit card, PayPal (for online bookings) or by depositing the cash amount of the equivalent value of the rented material. For rentals made on site, upon agreement with the lessor, payment could in some cases be made at the end of the rental period by leaving a valid identity document for the requested rental period; in this case the period of validity starts from the moment in which the equipment is collected or delivered to the hotel. The total amount accrues upon signing this contract or upon online booking. The service is not transferable to third parties.

10. Personal data: We hereby inform our lessees/customers that the processing of their personal data by Rent a Sport Italia SRL and the lessor, owner of the processing itself, will take place in electronic or manual form exclusively for the fulfillment of the tasks contracts in question and future, to comply with the law and the provisions of the legally competent authorities, for the maintenance of regular accounting and customer files. By signing these regulations and the rental contract, the customer expressly confirms that he has received the aforementioned information and that he has read it and therefore gives his consent, with reference to the purposes contained therein pursuant to art. 23 and of the art. 24 of the Privacy Code, to the processing, transmission and dissemination of personal data by the owner in question and/or the person in charge. For all information, consult the complete Privacy policy.

11. Refunds for early return or late collection: Early termination of the rental agreement is possible by returning the material without claims for reimbursement by the lessee. Refunds (or vouchers) for early return are granted only in cases of illness and/or accident on the slopes, by showing a regular medical certificate, to be presented within 1 day of returning the equipment. Refunds are not possible for other people involved in the same booking. For online reservations, if the optional Rent and Go Easy Booking service has been purchased, it is possible a refund for early returns and late collections also for other reasons (see article 12). 

The refundable amount is calculated based on the day and time the equipment is returned to the rental, or it's picked up. For rentals booked online, refunds for early returns must be requested online by writing to, attaching the medical certificate and specifying the booking number. For rentals made on site, it must be agreed directly with the renter. In some cases a voucher may be granted instead of a refund. For 1 day rentals it is not possible to get a refund in case the equipment has been picked up.

12. Cancellations, modifications, refunds of online reservations (Ski rentals): in general, it is possible to request the cancellation or modification of an online reservation up until 9.00 AM on the day before the "first day" of the rental. 

A refund or change may or may not be granted, may or may not include a penalty, depending on whether or not the Rent and Go Easy Booking service has been purchased (5% supplement, calculated on list prices, minimum cost €5 ), available in the cart as an optional - but recommended - service.

Check the table below for the most common cases. Contact us at specifying the reservation number and we will handle your case.

Case With Rent and Go Easy Booking Without Rent and Go Easy Booking
Cancellation request (for all, or just for some people) Full refund, excluding the amount payed for the Rent and Go Easy Booking service itself Refund with cancellation penalty starting from € 30 per skier up to 100% of the amount. **


Refund request for early return or late collection of the equipment


Refund for unused days, calculated from the moment of return/collection as the difference between the paid rental days and the used days *


Refund only in the cases and in the manner specified in Article 11 or in exceptional cases **


Request to change dates, with reduction of the rental duration Refund for the difference in price between the booked duration and the price for the new duration There would be no refund, please contact us to handle your case
Request to change dates, with extension of the rental period You can contact us to extend the rental period by paying the difference online You can contact us to extend the rental duration by paying the difference online (cost of modification of the reservation € 10)
Request to change dates, with the same rental duration You can contact us to change the date. Contact us to manage your case (cost of reservation modification € 10)
Category upgrade/downgrade request Contact us to make the change. For an upgrade you will pay the difference, for a downgrade you will get a refund of the difference. Possibility of upgrade/downgrade only on site, at the time of collection, depending on the availability of the moment. There is no refund for downgrades, except if agreed by the lessor.
Requests to add more equipment Need to make another online reservation


Need to make another online reservation


* Only available in some Rent and Go rentals, not always guaranteed. Also check what is specified in the cart before purchasing the Rent and Go Easy Booking service.

** Exceptional cases: a refund or voucher is possible in cases of complete closure of the area (e.g.: due to bad weather, plant failure, lockdown or other similar causes of force majeure), for unplanned closure of the shop, for unavailability of the booked equipment in the chosen size or category

Refund Notes:

  • for online bookings, refunds can only be made online (not by the renter on site)
  • refunds can only be made to the same payment method used at the time of booking
  • the amount of the Rent and Go Easy Booking service is never refundable
  • refunds are never possible for services not directly connected and offered by third parties (ski pass, hotel, ski school, transport, other...)
  • refund requests received more than 7 days after the rental end date are not accepted

13. Cancellations, modifications, refunds of online reservations (Bike rentals): in case of cancellation, the refund includes a penalty. The penalty has a different value depending on when the cancellation is requested and depending on whether or not the Rent and Go Easy Booking  service has been purchased (5% supplement, minimum cost 5€), available in the cart as an optional (but recommended) service.

If you cancel a reservation:

  • until 9 am 2 days before, 25% penalty (0% with Rent and Go Easy Booking)
  • between 9am 2 days before and 9am the day before, 50% penalty (25% with Rent and Go Easy Booking)
  • beyond 9 am on the day before: a 100% penalty will be withheld from the refund (50% with Rent and Go Easy Booking)

As an alternative to cancellation, it is possible to find an agreement with the renter to move the rental date. This possibility is subject to availability.

If you collect or return the bike in advance / in late:

  • 100% penalty on the day (with easy booking 50%)

Note: the amount of the Rent and Go Easy Booking service is never refundable

14. Right of withdrawal: the Italian Consumer Code (art. 59) expressly excludes the right of withdrawal for services relating to leisure time activities, if the contract provides for a specific date or period of execution. The customer therefore accepts that there is no legal right of withdrawal, also pursuant to Art. 16 lit Directive 2011/83/EU. Rent a Sport Italia s.r.l. carries out mediation activities for about 70 ski rentals in Italy and offers, in the interest of the customer, cancellation and withdrawal policies as described in art. 12 of the regulation. Pursuant to art. 14 of EU Regulation no. 524/2013, the Purchaser is informed that in the event of a dispute, he may file a complaint via the European Union's online dispute resolution platform (ODR platform), which can be reached at the following link The ODR platform is an access point for Buyers who wish to resolve disputes arising from online sales or service contracts out of court. To this end, we inform you that the e-mail address of the seller to contact is 

15. Invoice request: companies can request an invoice for an online booking by contacting within a maximum of 24 hours after the payment.

Note: these conditions may change at any date and without notice.