The following rules and conditions are part of the rental agreement.

This disclosure forms an integral part of the terms and conditions of sale, and vice versa. By purchasing on the site you confirm that you have read and accepted both documents.

1. The rentee takes full responsibility of all the rental equipment.

2. The rental equipment is not insured. A risk coverage is available (online or at the store), the rate is 10% of the rental cost. Loss, theft and damage then become the responsibility of the renter for 75%.
NOTE: Only available in some stores. If this option does not appear in the cart, it means that the store does not have this service. For these shops, in the event of theft or damage to the equipment, the customer will be responsible for 100% of the value of the equipment

3. In the case of theft or breakage, without risk coverage, the market value of the equipment will be charged to the rentee.

4. In the case of theft, the rentee is required to report the theft to the local Police

5. In the case of theft or loss of the rental equipment, with risk coverage, the rentee is required to pay a franchising fee of 25% of the market value of the equipment.

6. In the event of hired material being improperly treated and/or damaged, repairs will be charged to the hirer on the basis of the current repair price list regardless of any regulatory agreement.

7. Changing rental equipment during the rental period with material of the same value is always possible. Changing to material of an other category or of a higher value is also possible. The difference in value will be charged to the rentee. Should the rentee change to equipment of a lower value, there will be no refund.

8. The rental equipment has to be prepaid for the duration of the rental period. The latest return time is 9 am, on the day following the end of the rental period.

9. If the equipment is not returned within 7 days of the expiry of the rental period, it will be reported to the police as stolen.

10. The equipment may be returned before the end of the rental period. There will be no refunds.

11. Refund of rental costs will only be made in the event of injury and/or illness, when proven by medical certificate. For online booking refunds, please check points 17 and 18.

12. For the mounting, setting and repair of alpine ski bindings as well as the rental of alpine skis, it is necessary to sign a rental agreement. By signing the agreement, the rentee accepts the expert setting of the bindings, according to standards given by the binding manufacturer, as well as the rules and rental conditions.

13. The present rental agreement is deemed valid only after payment with credit card or the deposit of the value of the rental equipment in cash and/or a valid I.D. for the entire period of the rental.

14. In the context and with effect of Art. 13 of Decree No. 196/03 (Italian data protection code) the rentee/client states that he has been informed of the processing provisions and the purpose of the data processing in question as well as his rights in accordance with Art. 7 of Decree No. 196/03 and subsequent amendments. By signing these General Conditions of Rental the client explicitly confirms that he has received and taken note of the information mentioned above and, in view of the purpose contained therein, gives his consent in accordance with Art. 11 and in accordance with Art. 20 for processing, including the transfer and distribution of his data by the renter within the context of the aforementioned information.

15. The total amount is due upon signing this contract. The service is non-transferable. We kindly ask the rentee to treat the equipment carefully. We would like to thank you very much for choosing our company and we hope you will enjoy yourself.

16. By confirming an online reservation through you declare to have read and to understand our cancellation policies and the rest of our procedures, as described at our support web page.

17. With the "Rent and Go Easy Booking" service (5% supplement, minimum € 5):

  • it is possible to cancel or modify an online reservation, up to 24 hours from the "first day" of the reservation or requested collection date
  • in case of cancellation, a full refund will be issued, or partial if the cancellation concerns only a part of the reservation or a reduction in days
  • in the event that an upgrade or addition of the equipment is requested, it will still be necessary to pay the expected difference (online or on site, depending on the case)
  • you can get a partial refund for early return or delayed collection, but only in some Rent and Go rentals, it is not guaranteed
  • in some circumstances, a refund can be converted into a voucher or even totally refused by the ski rental store (exceptional cases)
  • the amount relating to the service itself ("Rent and Go Easy Booking") is always excluded from the refund 
  • there are some cases in which it is never possible to obtain a refund (see article 18), even if you own this service

Without the "Rent and Go Easy Booking" service, or by requesting a cancellation / modification less than 24 hours after collection:

  • you can cancel or modify anyway a reservation with the following costs:
    • cancellation costs: from € 30 per skier up to 100% of the booking value
    • modification costs: from a minimum of € 5 to € 30 (per skier per day)
  • a full or partial refund can only be obtained in these exceptional cases
    • for early return due to injury on the slopes (with medical certificate)
    • for lockdown of the ski area
    • for reasons of force majeure which require the closure of ALL the plants
  • Refunds for early return or delayed collection are never possible

For more details, see also the following article and the FAQ page, in the "Cancellation, changes, refunds" section.

You can contact us by writing to to manage your case


18. Refunds for equipment are never possible for the following reasons:

  • bad weather
  • partial closure of plants
  • sudden restart of the customer
  • missed ski school lessons
  • transport delay
  • other unforeseeable events or force majeure that cause the complete closure of the plants
  • booking errors
  • covid infections

In the event that a lockdown leads to the closure of the ski lifts, refunds or vouchers are guaranteed to the customer for unused rental days.

No reimbursement is NEVER possible for customer "extra" costs, such as:

  • ski school
  • ski pass
  • hotel
  • transport
  • other similar costs

For more details, see also the FAQ page, in the "Cancellation, changes, refunds" section.

You can contact us by writing to to manage your case

19. We remind you that the european Consumer Code (art. 59) expressly excludes the right of withdrawal for services relating to leisure activities, if the contract provides for a specific date or period of execution. The customer therefore accepts that there is no legal right of withdrawal (Art. 16 lit l directive 2011/83/UE). Rent a Sport Italia s.r.l. carries out mediation activities for about 70 ski rentals in Italy and offers, in the interest of the customer, cancellation and withdrawal policies as described in points 16, 17 and 18 of this regulation. Under Article. 14 of EU Regulation no. 524/2013, we inform the Purchaser that in case of dispute he may submit a complaint with the online platform for the resolution of disputes (ODR platform) published by the European Union at the following link The ODR platform is an access point for buyers seeking to resolve extrajudicial field disputes arising from online contracts of sale or services. We inform you that the seller e-mail address is