Why is booking online worthwile?

Booking on-line gives you many advantages: when you book online, you got a 10% discount on the amount of your rent. Besides this, by simply showing the email confirmation you will avoid useless queues inside the rental shop.

  Is it possible to book online at the eleventh hour?

The on-line booking is possible until the midnight before the day you’ll take the equipment. We need these few hours to verify the availableness of what you required, particularly throughout crowded periods.

  What do I need to have to book online?

What you need to book online: name and surname, address, phone number, email, height, weight and birth date. It is mandatory to have these data for every person who will rent the equipment.

  Online booking: how to do it?

It’s so easy to book online! You just need to select the ski resort, either on the blue bar you will find in every page of our site or by choosing it in the dedicated section named "OUR RENTAL SHOPS".

  How choosing the most suitable equipment?

It’s very important to choose a proper equipment on the basis of the ski-level and the capacity. You will be able to choose among multiple categories for skis and for boots. Our skimen will help you to find the proper model once you arrive at the store.

  What is important give attention to, once I’ve finished to book?

Once you’ll have paid by credit card, you’ll receive an automatic confirm of your reservation. The reservation is considered to be valid only when payment has well ended. A copy of the reservation will be automatically submitted to the shop; you will be asked to show it, either on your mobile or by printing it.

  Will I be refunded if I couldn’t use the reservation?

It is possible to call off the reservation only in case of illness, incidents and serious reasons. The cancellation is to be motivated and sent to Rent and Go by email or mail. To call off the reservation there’s a penalty fee of 20 € per person. The difference between what has been already paid and the cancellation costs will be promptly given back to the customer by bank transfer. Rent and Go heartily suggests to sign a cancellation-guarantee alike to the 5% of the rental amount, which will cover the cancellation costs. Rental fee and reservation costs will be entirely and promptly refunded to the customer.

  Tuning and maintenance service throughout the rental period is to be considered included?

Tuning and maintenance service, that is ski and snowboard maintenance which includes base repair, tool grinding and waxing, is not included in the rental price. However, all skis and snowboards are given in excellent conditions. Hence, during the rental it’s a service with fee, whose costs will be given by every rental shop.

  Is it possible to switch the equipment during the rental period?

Yes, it is possible to switch it either for a same-price one or for a better one by adding a monetary fee. No refund is contemplated for switching to a cheaper equipment.

  Can I insure the equipment?

Yes, it’s possible to sign an insurance alike the 10% of the rental amount. In this case, Rent and Go runs the risk of the 75% in case of theft and break.

  Are there ski rack cabinets in every rental shop?

Most of our shops provide brand new ski rack cabinets. For information please ask the Rent and Go shop where you will rent the equipment.

  How can I pay?

Online booking is payable only by credit card. For normal rents, cash is allowed too.

  When is possible to withdraw the reserved equipment?

On request, the customer can withdraw the reserved equipment starting at 3.30 pm the day before the rent.

  What can I do if the equipment doesn’t live up my expectations?

Even though it is so rare that similar things happen, we can’t exclude them 100%. On the basis of our high-quality standards , the equipment is given to the customers in excellent conditions. However, on the chance that the reserved item doesn’t live up customer’s expectations because of its conditions, the customer can ask for it to the shop manager.

  What do I have to pay attention to, if I want to switch from the online-booked equipment to a lower or an upper level one?

At the beginning of the rent and throughout its last, it is always possible to switch either to a same-price one or to a superior one by paying a fee. In the latter case, the difference is to be given directly into the shop. There’s no refund when switch is made to cheaper items

  Can I ask for refund if I got injured?

Yes, in case of injury happened with rented equipment, the customer has the right to be refunded for the days remaining.

  What do I have to do in case of monetary reparation?

To validate a reparation request, it is mandatory to provide the shop manger a detailed report of the incident, along with a medical certificate which confirms the damages.

  What is important to know?

If you signed an insurance (see point 9) , we consider a 25% allowance of the rental value. In any case, customers are invited to denounce it to the competent authorities, giving the report to the shop manager.

  Equipment damage: what is important to know?

In case of improper use of the rented equipment and of purposed damage, nevertheless the responsibility agreement (see point 9), refurbishment will be charged on the basis of the current prices. Vice versa, in case of entire break or theft without any insurance, the whole amount of the equipment will be charged on the basis of the current market value.

  How are my data managed?

In compliance of national and European privacy laws, personal data are strictly used for the reservation. Rent and Go upholds in any case data secrecy and pledges to not give, rent, sell and divulgate these data to anyone. Personal data will be strictly provided to rental shops managers in order to draft contracts and to communicate discounts and other promotional offers (such as newsletters via email). For further information about data protection, read our privacy provision.