Online Booking

Why it is worth booking online, what are the advantages?plusminus

More than 70 Rent and Go ski rentals are present in the main ski areas of Italy, just one step away from the slopes, the lifts and the best hotels.

  • Booking online offers clear advantages: first of all you get a discount up to 15% compared to local rates
  • You will speed up the pick-up procedure, avoiding long waiting on the spot *
  • You're sure you’ll not stay without equipment! Choose from the comfort of your own home the category of skis or snowboards and accessories.
  • You can see all prices in advance, see the distance of the rental from your hotel or from the slopes, know the additional services.
  • If you register your profile, you can retrieve the data of your previous booking in the future, speeding up their insertion.
  • If you have doubts before purchasing, you can always ask for support via chat, email or through our social channels.

* Collection procedures vary from rental to rental; in some Rent and Go rentals, however, check-in is required. In high season queues are possible and online booking does not guarantee a priority pick up

Online booking: how do you do it? How does it work? Where do you start?plusminus

Booking online with Rent and Go is very simple, follow these steps:

    Look for a Rent and Go rental in your ski resort through the "Our ski rentals" page
    Choose the rental period (select the first and the last day of skiing, not your arrival or departure day) to see the equipment and prices
    Choose for yourself and for each skier the desired equipment and add it to the cart. You will be asked who will use the equipment, complete the check-in with the required data for each skier.
    Note: skis are divided into categories from 3 to 7 stars, photos are only examples; our skimen will provide an available model among the equivalent ones and among the most suitable for you
    Check the costs, select the optional services and enter a promotional code if you have it. Enter your details and proceed to the payment with Paypal or Credit Card (VISA or Mastercard)
    Receive the confirmation e-mail and show the voucher (even from your smartphone) to collect the equipment. You can check the equipment and even try the boots before the pick-up.
    You have collected your equipment! You can go skiing! Does the boot hurt? Skiing is not comfortable? You can always change model for free up to 1 time and within the same category booked, or paying any difference for an upgrade.

Contact us for any technical problem, we will help you with your booking!

Is it possible to make online reservations even at the eleventh hour?plusminus

Booking online is possible until 2.00 am on the evening before the equipment is picked up. We reserve this time frame to guarantee the availability of the booked equipment even in case of great demand.

In high season, a few hours may not be enough to guarantee availability. In these few cases the refund is guaranteed. Some of our rentals extend the time frame, for example, if today is Monday you can book at least from Wednesday onwards. If you can select the dates (first and last day of rental) then it means you can book.

What data must be provided for the reservation?plusminus

The following informations are required for booking: name and surname, address, telephone number, e-mail address (for the person in charge of the payment), and size, weight, shoe number and age (for each skier). Some of our rentals require the compilation of data at the rental, for these rental points the online requested data are only name, surname, age, skier's ability.

What is important give attention to, once I’ve finished to book?plusminus

Once you’ll have paid by credit card, you’ll receive an automatic confirm of your reservation. The reservation is considered to be valid only when payment has well ended. A copy of the reservation will be automatically submitted to the shop; you will be asked to show it, either on your mobile or by printing it.

I didn’t received the booking confirmationplusminus

When completing reservation and check-out, you will receive confirmation and a summary of the booking by e-mail. Inside the e-mail there is a link pointing to the PDF with the voucher to be shown at the rental.

If you have already booked but cannot find the booking confirmation, check the e-mail box you left in check-out. Sometimes the email ends in SPAM. At other times you may have been wrong to type in your e-mail address when booking. If you do not find the reservation contact us at, we reply quickly.

What are the payment methods available for reservation??plusminus

We only offer online payment by credit card (VISA / MASTERCARD) or via Paypal. For administrative reasons it is not possible to pay on the spot in cash or by bank transfer

I can’t reserve and pay online, what can I do?plusminus

If you can not make the payment, check that your credit card has the necessary funds to complete the payment. Sometimes credit cards have a monthly spending limit, check that you have not reached it. Also check that the entered data (card number, expiration, CVV, possible pin) are correct.

If you encounter technical problems contact us at You can also try to repeat the reservation from a different browser than the one you are using (for example Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc ..).

Cancellation, changes

How does the optional "Rent and Go Easy Booking" service work??plusminus

Online booking requires payment in advance. Thanks to the "Rent and Go Safe Booking" service, with a 5% supplement (minimum cost € 5) you can get:

  • full refund in case of cancellation, up to 24 hours before the start of the rental
  • modification of the reservation through our customer care without any management costs

For refund or modification requests received without having purchased the "Rent and Go Easy Booking" service, depending on the case, cancellation costs will be applied with a minimum amount of € 30 per skier, up to 100% of the amount paid for the reservation.

Note: the price of the optional "Rent and Go Easy Booking" service is always excluded from the refund. Read the next paragraph and the rental conditions for more details or write to to examine your case.

Can I cancel or change my booking online?plusminus

With the "Rent and Go Easy Booking" service

Yes, it is possible to cancel or modify up to 24 hours before the start of the rental. Write to indicating the request and the reservation number, we will respond quickly, generally within 3-4 hours.

In case of cancellation, a full refund will be obtained for the rented equipment, excluding the cost for the optional service "Rent and Go Easy Booking".

In the event of a change, you will be refunded for the difference in case of a downgrade, reduced rental days or product deletion; an additional payment for the difference will be required in the case of an upgrade, rental day extension or product addition.

Without the "Rent and Go Easy Booking" service or for requests less than 24 hours after the rental

If the "Rent and Go Easy Booking" service has not been purchased, or if there are less than 24 hours from the first day of rental, additional handling costs (for changes) or deductions (for cancellations and refunds) will be applied.

In the event of a reservation change (upgrade, downgrade, change of booking duration) there is a minimum cost of handling the practice equal to 10% of the booking cost with a minimum cost of € 30.

In case of cancellation, the minimum deduction on refunds is € 30 per skier, up to a maximum of 100% of the reservation, based on the case, the notice, the shop.

Write to to review your case, we respond quickly, usually within 3-4 hours.

In which cases is it always possible to get a refund?plusminus

There are exceptional cases in which reimbursement of equipment is always guaranteed for the days not used, here are:

  • lockdown of the covid-19 area (*)
  • accident with injury during the rental period (**)
  • illness during the rental period (**)

* in case of lockdown of the customer's country, region or area of ​​residence, the standard refund procedures apply, we therefore recommend purchasing the optional service called "Rent and Go Easy Booking"

** medical certificate required in the ski resort stating that the injuries are a consequence of the accident itself

Note: the refund of the optional "Rent and Go Easy Booking" service is excluded.

In which cases is it never possible to get a refund?plusminus

There are some cases where reimbursement of equipment is never possible, not even in the form of a voucher, for example:

  • early return of the equipment *
  • closure of some lifts in the area
  • bad weather (but some lifts are open)
  • expenses for missed ski school lessons
  • transport delay
  • other unforeseeable events and force majeure

* refundable only by booking online with "Rent and Go Easy Booking" and only if the rental shop agrees

You can still contact us to see if we can do something, write to to examine your case, we respond quickly, usually within max 3-4 hours (during office hours).

For those who book online, we recommend purchasing the "Rent and Go Easy Booking" service with which to obtain refunds in the event of cancellation or modification of the reservation, without incurring additional costs and deductions.

How can I cancel or modify my reservation?plusminus

Write to to examine your case, we respond quickly, usually within max 3-4 hours (during office hours).

If you need to add new products or new skiers to a booking you have already made, or if you need to extend the rental period, for administrative reasons it will be necessary to proceed with an additional booking and it will be possible to specify in the notes the booking number to link it to.

Where do I get the money back?plusminus

All refunds are made on the same method of payment used at the time of booking (on the same credit card or on the same Paypal account).

The refund process can take up to 7 working days. The banking system may require an additional 7 working days. Paypal sometimes requires 14 days before the amount is visible on the account. Usually it takes less.


Is it possible to rent skis or snowboards for the whole season?plusminus

Sure. We offer all our customers, including children, the opportunity to rent new skis or snowboards, for the whole season at advantageous conditions. In addition, at the time of delivery, you can choose whether to return them or redeem them with a small additional expense.

Contact us for more information

Is the ski preparation service during the rental period included in the price?plusminus

The ski preparation service, namely the maintenance of skis and snowboards which includes the repair of the insole, the sharpening of the laminae and of the insole and the waxing, is not included in the price. All skis and snowboards are, however, supplied under impeccable conditions (in proportion to the selected category). It is therefore a paid service during the rental whose costs will be communicated by the respective stores.

Is it possible to change the equipment during the rental period?plusminus

During the validity of the contract it is possible to change at any time skis or boots with items of equivalent price (max 1 time) or higher category paying a supplement. No reimbursement is foreseen in case of a change with items of a more economic category.

Is it possible to return the equipment to a different rental point?plusminus

No, we don’t offer this service.

Are ski depots available in every store?plusminus

Many of our stores already have modern ski and storage cabinets. For further information please contact directly the shop where you intend to rent the equipment (see sections "Our rentals").

Can I also book the ski depot online?plusminus

If you are booking the equipment online with, you can request the depot during check-out, in the booking notes.

Most ski rentals do not allow you to book and pay the depot directly online.

If you request the depot in the booking notes, the renter will reply by e-mail and you can pay the service on site at the time of collection.

To know prices or other details you can send a request directly to the rental or contact us.

Can I also book online the skipass and lessons with the teacher?plusminus

Rent and Go is a service focused on ski rental, but many rentals also offer these services or provide the necessary information.

You can request to purchase the ski pass or ski lessons in the notes of online booking, in the shopping cart during the check-out phase, but it is not guaranteed that it will be possible. The renter of your locality will reply with the requested information, otherwise contact him directly.

How to choose the most suitable equipment?plusminus

The equipment must be chosen according to your capacity. It is possible to choose between different categories.

  • BABY / JUNIOR / JUNIOR RACING: The categories reserved for the little ones. Check the category description to see if your child falls within the parameters, otherwise choose a higher category (from BASIC up)
  • BASIC (3 stars): For those who are the first time or almost putting on skis, or a beginner who does not ski with parallel skis. He prefers not very steep slopes and low speeds.
  • INTERMEDIATE (4 stars): For those who already know the world of skiing. He skies with parallel skis, but prefers medium-easy slopes at medium-low speed. He prefers to avoid the "black" slopes.
  • TOP / PLATIN / DIAMOND: For those who prefer medium-steep slopes and are at ease at medium-high speeds. Master both short and long rays. He has no problems with the "black" slopes.
  • SNOWBOARDER: From beginners to experts, our boards will let you experience the thrill of snowboarding, freestyle and freeride, both on the track and on fresh snow.

The images of the ski categories present sample models. The renter will provide the most suitable and equivalent model based on the characteristics of the skier.

Can I book a specific ski model?plusminus

You can request a specific ski model in the booking notes, during check-out. The renter will do everything possible, but the availability of the model you desire is not guaranteed. You can agree with the renter by contacting him in advance by e-mail to request availability.

Ski rentals do not offer the possibility to book a specific model, in general this is not possible for logistical reasons. You can book online a category of skis, snowboards or boots. The models shown in the photos are examples and if they are not available, we will provide you equivalent ones and the most suitable for your characteristics.

From when is it possible to pick up the booked equipment?plusminus

On request, the customer can pick up the rented equipment from 15:30h on the day before the rental (excluding night skiing). But you need to get in touch directly with the rental and request this service at least two days in advance.

Can I try the equipment before the withdrawal?plusminus

Of course, the boots are always tested at the time of withdrawal. Skis, boots and helmets can be changed with a model of major / minor number and / or with another model of the same category (1 free change), or higher category (paying the difference).

Are ski poles included?plusminus

Yes, ski poles are always included in the price when you rent skis.

What have I to do if the booked equipment does not meet my expectations?plusminus

Although similar circumstances should not occur, it’s not possible to exclude them at 100%. According to our quality standards, the equipment arrives on the bench in perfect conditions. In the event, however, that the booked item does not meet the customer's expectations, if the tenant deems that impeccable maintenance has not been guaranteed, or if the equipment has been delivered in conditions that could potentially prevent skiing, the customer is has to report it to the renter.

What should I pay attention to if I decide to change the online booked equipment with another of a lower or higher category?plusminus

At the beginning of the rental and for its entire duration, it is possible to change the equipment at any time with an article of equivalent or superior price by paying a supplement. In this case the surcharge is to be paid on the spot. The change with items of the cheapest category does not, however, give right to any reimbursement.

Theft and damages

Is it possible to put an insurance on the equipment?plusminus

When choosing equipment, it is possible to purchase an insurance with a supplement of 10% of the rental fee. In this case the lessor assumes 75% of the risk of breakage and theft.
NOTE: Only available in some stores. If this option does not appear in the cart, it means that the store does not have this service. For these shops, in the event of theft or damage to the equipment, the customer will be responsible for 100% of the value of the equipment

What is important to know?plusminus

If the insurance service has been signed at the time of booking, a deductible amounting to 25% of the market value of the equipment will be charged. In any case, the customer is obliged to lodge a complaint with the local authorities and to provide the renter a copy of the report.

Equipment damage: what is important to know?plusminus

In case of improper use of the rented equipment and in case of its intentional damage, despite the purchase of the insurance service, the cost of equipment restoring the will be charged according to the current local repair price list. In the event of total breakage or theft without liability agreement, vice versa, we are forced to charge the equipment according to the market value.


QuWhat treatment is reserved for personal data provided at the time of booking?plusminus

In accordance with national and European privacy regulations, the personal data provided at the time of booking are used and processed exclusively for the purpose of the reservation. RENT AND GO adopts procedures compliant with the GDPR and protects the confidentiality of data, undertaking not to sell, rent or disclose this information to third parties.

Personal data will be provided only to the sporting goods store for the drafting of the rental contract and the rented equipment / accessories and used by Rent a Sport Italia Srl for booking management and for promotional purposes if the customer has given his consent (eg e-mail newsletters, sending leaflets, etc.).

Thanks to the skiers’ data (name, surname, gender, age, height, weight, shoe size, skier's ability) the rental point will best manage your booking and can set the attacks or prepare the equipment before your arrival. The ultimate goal is to save you time so that you have more to spend on the slopes.

Remember also that during check out you can decide to register on the website and the data will be saved under your personal profile, the next time you book it will be easier! Note: some of Rent and Go rentals may request data again on site, for organizational reasons.

For further information on the protection of personal data consult the privacy policy or contact us at