In the frontline of promoting safety for skiers

We offer the highest quality safety equipment available on the market

We don't accept novice skiiers in our teams at the rental points.

We've grown up and lived in the mountains, and possess profound knowledge of what makes a safe skiing environment. We know skis and can advise on the right equipment, and set it up correctly, perfectly regulating and calibrating the ski binding

The additional products we offer for safety on the slopes are cutting edge and are selected by us from brand leaders in the sector. Back protectors, helmets, goggles, and other protective equipment are always in stock and recommended with our rentals


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Dainese ski back protection
Dainese ski back protection
Adult ski helmet
Junior ski helmet boy
Junior ski helmet girl

Helmets, helmets, helmets!

We'd like to remind you that helmets are mandatory for all young skiers up to 18 years.

Incidentally, did you know we were the first in Italy to offer helmets for children, ten years before the law required it?