Why are we the best in ski rental?

Since 1996, we are at your disposal, with the best quality service in Italy

The ski rentals of the Rent and Go group are present in over 70 resorts in Italy. Rent and Go is the only group that in 1996 has defined and respects the highest quality standards in the ski rental market. Quality is expressed in many aspects: materials, service, courtesy, hygiene, safety, technologies ...

Some of the "benefits" you get renting with us? Skis and snowboards, with all the other gears, are constantly renewed, helmets and boots are sanitized and dried after each use, we have special equipment for women and children, the most recent models to try, our rentals are located just one step from slopes, we have expert ski men at your service ... these are just some of the reasons why we are the best.

The blue flag, or the Rent and Go logo, in front of a rental, or sticked to the window, are therefore synonymous with high quality service. Search for the nearest Rent and Go rental, come and visit us, we are waiting for you! You can also Book directly online and get discounts up to 15% !



Quality Ski Service

Professional ski men at your service

We like to personally handle every detail of ski preparation, and our highly skilled ski staff guarantees a customized and professional service

We use only state of the art equipment to prepare skis, adapting each procedure to the specific ski model, and to the skill level and requirements of each skier. The process is concluded with a final check by our ski staff.

Ski preparation service is carried out on a daily basis to ensure a perfect rental equipment experience. If you bring your own skis, you can still take advantage of our service for the list price fee.

We always tune and calibrate ski-bindings at our best and complying current regulations


Ski and boots service by Rent and Go
Ski service by Rent and Go with Montana
Ski service by Rent and Go with Wintersteiger