From 2022 helmet mandatory for under 18s: skiing, snowboarding, telemarking, sledding

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skier with helmet, mandatory for minors in Italy

The Rent and Go ski rentals were the first in Italy to propose and introduce the obligatory helmet for children, 10 years in advance of the law.

Rent and Go has always contributed to safety on the ski slopes with the calibration of the bindings according to ISO standards, thanks to the use of highly professional machinery and software for adjustments.

We can therefore only welcome with joy the novelty introduced with the “Legislative Decree 28 February 2021, n. 40 "in paragraph 17 which extends the obligation to wear a helmet (previously up to 14 years) to all minors.

The use of helmets is made mandatory for all children under 18 in the practice of alpine skiing and snowboarding, telemarking, sledding and sledding.

The decree will come into force together with the other safety regulations from 1/1/2022, such as the obligation of insurance for those who ski. But it is not yet clear if there will be another 2 years to comply.

Regions and ski resorts personnel still have doubts, but since it is not a "quadro" law it could be directly applicable. In all cases, we obviously recommend having a helmet and insurance for all skiers.

The law also introduces the possibility of a fine for non-compliant persons: "The person responsible for the violation of the provisions referred to in paragraph 1 is subject to the administrative sanction of the payment of a sum from 100 euros to 150 euros.

Both type A helmets, those for agonists, and type B, those for more amateur skiers are allowed.

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