Discover the Best Smartphone Apps for Skiing

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Discover the Best Smartphone Apps for Skiing

Discover the Best Apps for Skiing

We've selected the best tools for experiencing snow adventures right from your smartphone

Skiing, for mountain lovers, represents a form of escape from daily routine, an opportunity to embrace the untouched beauty of mountains, and to challenge oneself on the snow.


Digitally Access the World of Winter Sports

The connection with nature and personal challenge are the beating heart of the skiing experience. However, recent digital technologies allow transforming these moments into even more engaging and organized adventures.

Today, we want to give you some useful advice to make the most out of your snow holidays and take them to a new level, thanks to specially designed apps.


But how can apps be useful for skiing?

Smartphone apps have now forcefully entered our daily lives: they help us relax, manage our finances, and organize our days effectively.

The world of skiing is no exception: there are indeed many apps whose purpose is to enhance the experience on the slopes. But what are the main types of apps and how can they help you?

For each of these categories, there are multiple apps you can try. Let's see them in detail!

App for Ski Rentals: Rent and Go

If we talk about ski rentals... well, you can't go wrong! With the Rent and Go app, you can book a rental in just a few clicks, with easy pick-up at over 70 rentals close to the slopes.

With an intuitive interface and availability on iOS and Android devices, we simplify the rental process, while maintaining the concept of service quality, contributing to making your day on the snow safe and unforgettable.

Attention to user experience and ease of use make the Rent and Go app an indispensable ally for those looking for a quick and efficient way to choose the best equipment, to be picked up close to the slopes.


Apps for Weather and Resort Information

For those who want to stay informed about weather conditions and ski resorts, there is a wide range of websites available. Here's a selection of the top 3 apps to help you plan your days on the snow:

Neveitalia: It offers a customizable homepage where you can select your favorite resorts and monitor up to 20 locations with all the updated information, including snow reports, weather forecasts, trail and lift maps, as well as the ability to check real-time conditions through webcams.

Skiinfo: By downloading it, you'll have access to weather and snow reports for over 2000 ski resorts worldwide, live images from over 3000 webcams, as well as reviews and images uploaded directly by other skiers and snowboarders. Additionally, you'll receive notifications whenever it snows in your favorite location, and you'll have all the useful information on trails, ski areas, and lift tickets at your fingertips. This app includes information about approximately 6,000 ski resorts worldwide, including trail maps, snow reports/snow depth, weather at the base and summit, webcams, live streaming, information for accessing ski lifts, purchasing lift tickets, accommodations, and other services to help you plan your snow vacation.


Apps for Map Viewing and Orientation

Navigating the slopes with the confidence of knowing where to go is essential, and mapping and orientation apps can make the difference.

Fatmap: It offers detailed 3D maps of ski resorts, allowing users to explore the terrain with precision.

PeakFinder AR: Using augmented reality, it identifies surrounding peaks, providing a unique panoramic view.

Altimeter: It provides accurate altitude data, essential for skiers tackling challenging terrain. You often find it already included in your phone's compass.


Apps to Improve Your Performance

For enthusiasts of statistics and performance, tracking apps are a real treasure, recording details such as speed, distance traveled, and altitude during skiing.

These tools offer in-depth performance analysis, becoming an indispensable companion for those who want to constantly improve their skills on the slopes.

The best ones you can try are:



Exa Ski Tracker

Ski Tracks



App for Skiing with Company

One of the possibilities offered by apps is also to expand your network of friends, meeting other sports enthusiasts with whom you can perhaps organize a nice skiing trip.

Skiing with friends is a unique experience, and apps can help enrich your days on the snow.

Discover the best apps to find skiing buddies, plan meetings, and share experiences:

iSKI Italia




App for Buying Ski Passes

The skiing experience can also be digitized in managing the ski pass: with applications like the following, you no longer have to wait in long lines at the ticket office, or risk losing your pass:




The operation involves purchasing a card, on which you can load the ski passes purchased directly online. The systems are compatible with many ski areas in Italy.

The result? Less waiting and more time to spend skiing down the slopes.


App for Booking Ski School

For those looking to improve their skiing skills, apps dedicated to ski lessons are a perfect option as they offer video tutorials, expert advice, and personalized training programs, as well as the ability to search for and book an instructor.


AMSI Mobile

Il Maestro di Sci

These tools are ideal for those who want to improve their technique and feel more confident on the slopes.



If you've read this far, you'll understand how apps for skiing enthusiasts have become useful and almost essential for a more organized, informed, and fun snow experience.

Whether you're an enthusiastic beginner or an experienced skier, the digital world offers tools that transform the way we live and love skiing.

Are you ready to accept the challenge? Then start downloading Rent and Go's app: rent now in just a few clicks!