The heatable ski boot

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After being begged for years by generations of women and children (and, let's face it, even men!), finally we got the heatable ski boot!

This time, though, say stop to bulky external batteries, wires, defects, etc. Now the heatable boot is a practical and fashionable object. And, if it weren’t for the two buttons which regulate the heat, it wouldn’t even differentiate from a cutting-edge and trendy boot: one of those craved by snow lovers who love to enjoy winter with style and comfort.

Developed in collaboration by Sidas and Salomon, the heatable ski boot has won the prestigious prize awarded at ISPO of Monaco of Bavaria - the most important exhibition dedicated to the world of winter sports. 3 different heat levels, integrated batteries, 3D soles and so easy to use: you’ll be no longer afraid of the cold out for how warm you’ll be in.

The heatable boot is available in Italy, for hire, exclusively by Rent and Go: ask to the nearest shop and enjoy the best, latest product of the year!

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