Rent and Go Bike: Bicycle and E-Bike Rentals in the Mountains

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Rent and Go Bike: Bicycle and E-Bike Rentals in the Mountains

With the arrival of the summer season, it's time to get on the saddle and pedal!

Rent and Go not only offers high-quality ski rentals. In the summer, you can rent bikes and e-bikes in over 25 mountain locations.

We have bikes for all needs, from regular city or trekking bikes, MTB and racing bikes to e-bikes, city, hardtail, or fully, suitable for all distances and for tracks of all difficulties.

The bike fleet is renewed annually with models from the best brands, such as KTM, Scott, Bianchi, Husqvarna, Flyer, Raymon, GasGas, and so on… (availability varies by location).

At every Rent and Go rental point, you will find not only bikes of the highest quality, but also expert staff ready to help you choose the perfect bike and provide advice on the best routes and bike paths to explore.

The Rent and Go staff is highly trained and checks and professionally maintains the bikes and e-bikes before and after each rental, also using 100% eco-friendly products and lubricants.

To make your trip even more comfortable and fun, there are numerous accessories available for rent, such as child or pet trailers, helmets, bags, baskets, trekking strollers/backpacks, and much more.

Rent and Go bike rentals await you in Bolzano, Lana, Merano, Malles, Senales, Naturno, Caldaro, Chiusa, Resia, Bressanone, Plose, Vipiteno, Brennero, Racines, Ridanna, Valdaora, Maranza, Versciaco, Passo Lavazè, Pinzolo, La Villa and San Cassiano, Ultimo, Livigno, Claviere, and other locations.

Kurt Ladstätter, head of the Rent and Go group, states:

“This is the second year we are launching the Rent and Go Bike project, with which we intend to communicate to the market that we are here also in the summer, that biking is an eco-sustainable sport, and that Rent and Go is synonymous with quality rentals not only for skiing but also for biking.”

Guido Potena, the group's digital manager, states:

“Biking continues to be a positive trend, and our online platform allows you to book a rental in just a few clicks with pick-up in over 25 mountain locations. Our customers appreciate the digital service, and it is also thanks to their feedback that we continue to improve.”

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