Sustainable Rental: Rent and Go's Green Revolution

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Sustainable Rental: Rent and Go's Green Revolution

Did you know that Rent and Go has long been committed to promoting sustainable rentals? As winter sports enthusiasts, we believe it's essential not only to enjoy the slopes but also to do so responsibly.

In this article, we will talk about all the small and big actions we put into practice every day to make our work and your skiing experience as sustainable as possible.

What is Sustainability?

Before discussing sustainable rentals by Rent and Go, it's good to have a clear understanding of what sustainability means.

According to the Treccani Encyclopedia, sustainability is defined as: "in environmental and economic sciences, the condition of development capable of ensuring the satisfaction of the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to realize their own needs."

Sustainability is, therefore, a set of shared and positive values towards common well-being, not only human but also and especially towards the Earth.

Responsibility towards a sustainable world is imperative, something we should all care about and act upon. In our daily lives, we can engage in many ways: by reducing plastic use, water or energy consumption; choosing public transport, cycling, or walking; or by recycling properly and using renewable energies.

But have you ever thought about how to embrace a more sustainable world on the ski slopes? Here's how Rent And Go is committed to making a difference, turning sustainability from words into actions.

Sustainable Rentals with the Life Reskiboot Project: When Circular Economy Becomes Reality

Through collaboration with the Italian company Dalbello and the European project Life Reskiboot, Rent and Go now offers a new line of "green" ski boots in its rentals, made from recovered plastic materials from old boots supplied by us.

Thanks to the reuse of these resources, today, we have a line that is not only high-performing but also has very low environmental impact.

In Rent and Go rental points, it's possible to test these completely new and sustainable boots, produced according to new standards, and thus characterized by a significantly lower production impact than the market standards adopted so far.

A beautiful example of a circular economy, of which we are particularly proud.

nZERO Wax Bio Ski Wax, for 100% Green Descent

In the realm of ski waxes, some of our renters have chosen to use

nZERO Wax, an innovative and zero-impact biodegradable wax.

Conventional waxes can be harmful to the environment, as they are made from chemicals unsuitable for mountain well-being.

nZERO develops and markets 100% organic and sustainable waxes and lubricants, which you can find in some Rent and Go centers.

Thanks to this partnership, we offer our customers and renters an eco-friendly alternative for equipment maintenance.

Furthermore, on the nZero Wax website, you can purchase the products at a special price: just enter the discount code RENTANDGO15 at checkout to get 15% off immediately.

Rentals Are "Circular": Sustainable Rental as Synonymous with Material Reuse

Ski rental, by its very nature, could be defined as circular. But what does that mean? Let's see it together:

  • Reduction of production and consumption: Rental allows more people to use the same equipment, effectively extending its useful life.

    Rent and Go is committed to frequent renewals of its ski equipment fleet, which guarantees a dual advantage: on one hand, we maintain high quality standards for our customers, and on the other hand, we significantly reduce the environmental impact related to the production of new equipment. You can always try the latest models without the need to buy them.
  • Waste reduction: Rental helps reduce the amount of waste generated, as fewer equipment items are discarded or replaced. Our team is also trained in separate waste collection within our facilities and we use ecological laboratory products, such as detergents or disinfectants.
  • Accessibility and inclusivity: Rental is inclusive, making sports more accessible to a wider audience by lowering the economic barrier to access.
  • Resource management efficiency: Rental activities can focus on efficient resource management, such as logistics and distribution of equipment, optimizing use and reducing waste.

Watch this video to see what some of our renters think:

Logistics Optimization to Reduce CO2 Emissions

Speaking of logistics: Rent and Go is also committed to using advanced technologies

to optimize its management and minimize environmental impact related to transportation.

Through our management software, we can efficiently plan the delivery and collection operations of ski equipment, but also reduce the distances traveled by our fleet vehicles and optimize their efficiency.

Thanks to efficient stocking of our warehouses, CO2 emissions and other greenhouse gases are minimized.

Furthermore, we periodically analyze the performance and strategies of our logistics, identifying potential areas of improvement and implementing innovative solutions to further reduce the environmental impact of our operations.

Choose Sustainable Rentals

With Rent and Go, choose to support the commitment to a sustainable mountain: an important step towards a greener and more responsible future in winter sports.

Are you ready to reduce your environmental impact? Join us: choose Rent and Go sustainable rentals!