The new ski season inaugurated together with Dalbello

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The new ski season inaugurated together with Dalbello

We inaugurate the new season with a visit to one of the Italian excellences in the production of boots: Dalbello. Founded in 1974, today it is part of the Elevate group together with brands such as K2 and Volkl.

The staff presented us with a preview of the ski and boot models that will arrive on the market soon, with a focus on the rental lines. Among the new features, the K2 BOA ski boots, for a "top wrapping".

We then visited the production area, the beating heart of Dalbello, where boots are designed and produced using the most modern techniques and a now 100% sustainable approach.

Dalbello and Rent and Go are partners of the Life Reskiboot project. By recycling post-rental boots it is possible to produce new boots in an eco-sustainable way, reusing plastics.

As per tradition, our dinner and the start-of-season convention then took place, with speeches from various speakers and networking moments among the renters.


  • Linda Stricker - Presidente
  • Kurt Ladstaetter - CEO
  • Guido Potena - Digital manager
  • Ditta Inform - Rental design
  • ITAS - Partner insurance
  • Nzero - 100% organic Wax
  • Hyra - Clothing
  • Modyf - Clothing
  • Merrell - Shoes

Many new features are coming for the new season, both from the point of view of products and new trends, but also from the digital point of view and training programs for renters.

At the end of the works, at Villa Zuccareda in Montebelluna, we were also able to visit the beautiful boot museum, a historical memory of the area and beyond.

Let's begin... we wish a good winter season to all the rentals of the Rent and Go group!